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I included your game in one of my playthroughs. Thanks for creating it!

This game demo plays out in very similar ways as a game that I tried to play a while back lol. 

The only part that I kinda disliked is the code part, all because I couldn't figure out what the code was actually telling me lol.

I played this in my 3 Random Games video btw, the 3rd game I play.

Thank you. If you check out the current download on this page, you’ll see we updated it to an EXTREMELY early version of the first house. You can pre-order the game via Kickstarter, though!

This was interesting, I'm interested in the full game but I'm confused at why the first zombie did nothing and you are able to pass through him.

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Yo! So I just downloaded this game (the full release house tour) and I know you guys are still working on it but is there any point to this current demo? There is 3 main rooms, 1 is locked and the other 2 have literally no use. The living room and bedroom (with bathroom) only have books that have no use.  I've watched other's playthrough with a desk showing a key and a phone call etc but I assume that  is an old demo. Am I missing something to advance in this game or has it been left intentionally like this?

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Hey! It’s just an extremely early version of the first house. So there’s nothing to do yet! We should be able to release an actual new demo in a few months. We haven’t built all our rooms yet, and the stair case had some problems that we just fixed. (Staircase fix not available) There will be about 5-6 rooms to explore with more being in them. Obviously the house needs some lighting work, but we’re making the map first. ALSO, what’s your input on the bathroom? We did take more time on the bathroom than any other room.

Nevertheless I hope you stick with us as we develop, we will have updates on our Kickstarter page (available for everyone, not just backers). We would love to see you play it and give input.

Hey! That makes sense, I was just a bit confused comparing others gameplay haha! The game looks really nice and is smooth to play. I look forward to the full release to inevitably scare the crap out of me 😂

My playthrough is here if you want to check it out, starts at 6:54:

Hope to see you play it on release! It should be on steam.

Well, here's my video, although, I was not overly impressed by this game:

It’s not the full game yet, so it may not be to your standards yet, please take this into account while you play.

Awesome! I enjoy this demo a lot. Looking forward for the full game.

I want more!

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Hello Baaal! I will check out the video when I have time. The full release should be on Steam for $25, but you can pre-order it for $15 on Kickstarter! There will be about 2-3 hours of play time (approx) for the full release.

Have a good one! Expect a comment on your video in the next week.

$25 for only 2-3 hours of gameplay? Sounds like a total ripoff. I've played games 10 times longer than that that cost less.

Okay, well now the client is installing the game, so you can expect a video from me sometime next week.

Okay thank you! Sorry we never emailed you, but we haven't had much time with anything recently.

My main issue with this wee demo was the bookcase, needs to be a bit more obvious, other than that pretty solid effort 

Hello ScottishGeeks, we will try and watch your video as soon as we can.


I just downloaded and tried to play this game unfortunately I am an school gamer and I play with the Y-axis inversion inverted. I can't play this game without inverting the Y-axis because it feels foreign and I struggle quite a bit. Other than that the game looked pretty good and I REALLY want to continue playing. I will post a video of my game play if the look inversion gets added. Please help an old school gamer out!!

Hello EctoMeow! We will certainly work on it for the full release. Have a great rest of your weekend!

Hmmm... Needs some work, but has great potential.

Hello Salem! Thank you for playing our demo. I'll watch your video tomorrow after I work on the full release some. See ya!

Nice Game

This game was AWESOME! I loved who there's some type of evil spirit in the game. Goes well with the zombies. A++ from me. Hope more comes out soon

Thank you! Be sure to check out our YouTube channel so you can watch our live streams of our work!

Thanks. The game was awesome

Thanks, Gravity! If you’d like, you can get the full release at a discount by pre-ordering it on Kickstarter, which also helps us develop the game. You can find that here.

Thanks. That would be awesome

Awesome! There’s 17 days left to pre-order, so you have plenty of time!

I'm sorry TheBaconSmasher, but since our game is not 18+ we're not allowing it on our page. Thanks for playing though!

This spooked the cheeks off me bro, like real talk, great job.

I enjoyed the demo a lot, that jumpscare was lethal too tho! 😂😭 Keep up the good work!

Wonderful demo! Just a few very minor issues, overall was a great experience! Looking forward to the full version!

Got me with some jumpscares! Has potential for sure! Looking forward to seeing your vision of this game complete! Good luck with the kickstarter!

loved the game very fun and has some cool ideas. the first zombie you see seems to be broken though he was not doing anything and only stood there even when i walked to him.  but super fun game cant wait for more!!


It was fun loved the puzzles and pretty spooky!!!

Hey! Made a playthrough! 

Love the demo but I was a little confused as to why I was unable to kill the enemies.  I fired probably 10 shots into one of them and they still did not die. Halp!

About 7-12 shots to the body, and 2 shots to the head! Remember, always shoot zombies in the head! Thanks for playing!


Hey whats up Developer I know you told me part 2 of your guys demo !!! Which is coming soon!! Sorry for late upload everyone and developer!! This video is my first proper video editing of game!! I hope you all will enjoy what I did. By the way this game play and review is early beta when it was release.  I hope you guys will enjoy this review and gameplay. Support you bro by subscribing and continue watching your boi content!! Thanks for all your guys support you all of your are the best and awesome!! Love your guys all from bottom of my heart. See ya next time in new beginning!! 

Played through the demo and I'm a bit confused. There is another game available on called The Dead Times, that has the same layout, random door with a different control system, vents and even the exact same jump scare. You could imaging my confusion when everything was laid out in exactly the same way and I could speed through the demo without needing to find hidden stuff in the bookshelf or anything like that, but I wanted to give you a heads up in case they stole your design or something. Liked the idea, seems like it'll be pretty interesting if the final version does come out.

Hello Flamez! The demo is partially from an asset. But as you may have seen in the comments below, we are creating new houses, cutscenes, and more. If you would like to help fund the full game, please view the Kickstarter above. Thank you!

Played the game and I love the details and the amount of playability there is in this 'demo'. Hard to believe it was made by freshmen.

Only thing that I might add is some hints for finding all the different stuff in the game, it's too easy to take the shortest route and finish the demo witout exploring all the details :))

Hello RushBee! Thank you for playing our demo. We will watch your gameplay and comment as soon as we can. If you would like to help fund the full game, please view the Kickstarter above.

Fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) (Metro:Exodus Series Just started!)

Yooo you asked me to play and i did.. gotta say pal, absolutely loved this, really hope you do end up making a full version 

Thank you! I will look at it soon. We promise the full game will be our, as we have people funding it on Kickstarter, which that link can be found above.

this game should be more scay

We are working on it, right now we’re working on the actual map(s), but soon we will be working on lighting and atmospheric lighting.

hey I did a small playthrough of the game, and I got say, great work! Keep up the hard work guys. I was more surprised to find out you guys were two high school freshmen.  I left a small review on the video. Its the first game out of 3 horros games i played! 

Loved the Demo! Very excited to see what you'll bring to the table in the full game <3

Hope you guys enjoy the video of me getting my pants scared off, all thanks to you of course!

I'm definitely gonna need a full game, i had fun 

Amazing game! I played it for myself and kind of glitched through the wall by mistake. Still this was an amazing and interesting game! Can't wait to play the full version. Here is the link to my video:

Good demo! Considering your age this was well put together! I wish you alll the best for the full game!

Recently played your game.  for 2 days work it felt impressive, but for the final copy of the game, I thought you could consider some things to tweak for the final product. Give it a look and see for yourself :D

I'd love to see the final game when its ready ! keep me in the loop and best of luck to you guys :D

Good job, this game is pretty great!

Thank you! We are working on a new side project right now, so be sure to follow and tell your friends!

this was a good game!! that jumpscare sure did get me XD i cant wait for more from this game :D awesome job on making this game :D 

This was a fun DEMO, waiting for the full release. :)

Here is a short video we made while playing:

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