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You are a Police Officer investigating a potential murder and break in. You go to the house but little did you know what you would find there.

This game was made by 2 Freshman in high school over the course of 2 days. We hope you enjoy our game. The full game will be released in about 12-18 months. (Unless stretch goals are met for the upcoming Kickstarter.


The game will most likely released on Steam! We found out that you can create a legal business under 18 years old! And Steam requires an EIN to publish to Steam (which you can also get at under 18 years old).


Videos for v1.8.2

Videos for v1.5.0

Check out our new website: Relay Studios

Install instructions

Download -> Extract Files -> The NIGHT Demo 1.8.2 -> the night demo v1.exe


The NIGHT Demo v1.8.2.zip 364 MB

Development log


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Loved the Demo! Very excited to see what you'll bring to the table in the full game <3

Hope you guys enjoy the video of me getting my pants scared off, all thanks to you of course!

I'm definitely gonna need a full game, i had fun 

hey I did a small playthrough of the game, and I got say, great work! Keep up the hard work guys. I was more surprised to find out you guys were two high school freshmen.  I left a small review on the video. Its the first game out of 3 horros games i played! 


Amazing game! I played it for myself and kind of glitched through the wall by mistake. Still this was an amazing and interesting game! Can't wait to play the full version. Here is the link to my video:

Good demo! Considering your age this was well put together! I wish you alll the best for the full game!

Recently played your game.  for 2 days work it felt impressive, but for the final copy of the game, I thought you could consider some things to tweak for the final product. Give it a look and see for yourself :D

I'd love to see the final game when its ready ! keep me in the loop and best of luck to you guys :D

Good job, this game is pretty great!

Thank you! We are working on a new side project right now, so be sure to follow and tell your friends!

this was a good game!! that jumpscare sure did get me XD i cant wait for more from this game :D awesome job on making this game :D 

This was a fun DEMO, waiting for the full release. :)

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Jenny got spooked one time.

What? Kinda confused, haha.

My reaction to The Night Trailer!


Wow! Didn't expect a reaction. But it's a good idea. Thanks for the reaction, and you're welcome. Have a good weekend!

I went ahead and jumped into the new update (SKIP TO 21:27)

P.S. I'm gonna post my reaction to the Trailer in a bit.

We don't appreciate advertisers, you have been banned, Zzak.

I probably should've equipped the gun earlier.

Thumbnail is more important haha

Ain't that the truth...

I like door jumpscare 

Hi! I just uploaded a video about the game and it made me JUMP soo much! So props to you guys! Can't wait for the full game! :)

I gave it a go and it has some interesting potential in it. 

Thank you Levon! Sorry you couldn't find the code. I commented on your video about it. Have a good one!

SKIP TO 2:42

Hello! Thank you for playing our demo. I saw that you played v1.5.0, we released a new update with lots of new stuff! I would love to see you play it. You can view the changelog for the new update here: https://relaystudios.itch.io/thenightdemo/devlog/67294/update-182-changelog

Really cool game guys! I think if you continue work on this it could be really great! 😃 Hope it continues to go well 

Thank you! We will. Adding multiple buildings, cutscenes, outside, and more. I'll send you a steam key once it goes on steam!

Looks good so far. I'm assuming you will be adding your own stuff over the course of development. 

Thank you! You are correct. We will be adding a whole new house that we make, cutscenes, and more. We posted a comment on your channel. Have good one!

Rated 5/5...Really Nice game thanks for your hard work Dev i really appreciated your hard work. I liked the gameplay,graphics and overall everything is perfect in this game Man..Love from Pakistan  <3 :))

Hello Gamers nation!

Thank you for playing our demo. Bug fixes coming today (include going through zombie). Have a good one!

If you need to contact me about anything please email relaystudiosco@gmail.com

I didn't face any bug for now but the game is great... waiting for full release :)

:) Working on the intro/cut scene right now.

Best of Luck :) 

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I want to play, but my internet has been screwed up for a while, so I can't download it, and Itch.io's update of their client has somehow made me unable to install it too. So I don't know how I'm gonna be able to play your game, unless it's also on Game Jolt. I could install it there.

Hello Indurok, we will send you a secret download link. Please email me us at relaygamesco@gmail.com and we will send it right over!

We will also notify you via email of new updates! Please wait until tomorrow to receive the download as we will be fixing a couple bugs tomorrow. Thank you!

But I don't know if that link will work. The problem seems to be with Chrome, and I don't want to have to download another browser just to download things.

I'll send a link for mega.co.nz download for the game. Just shoot me an email and I'll get back to you.

Bro try turn off your ad blocker and try again.

I don't, nor have I ever had any sort of ad blocker.

Indurok please email me and I will send a link to download. Thanks!

Well, I'm afraid I don't know your email, so I'm gonna need some help with that.

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I said it above. But it's relaystudiosco@gmail.com